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Bigger Bastard

Bigger Bastard

I lived in a city that had just gotten a pro football team. Many of the first cheerleaders were pretty much skanky college girls who liked to party. More than half lived in the complex I lived in and were complete bitches thinking they were extra special. After a while it seemed most quieted way down and nobody knew why. Most of them had boyfriends who bragged about being with them. After a few months many looked traumatized somehow. But still a certain group would throw wild parties between a number of their apartments during the week when everybody else had work or school. Everyone got sick of their shit.

Turned out, a number of the cheerleaders had been raped. All of them in different locations. Seemed like rapists were stumbling onto them citywide. Nobody could figure it out. One group of partiers had all the girlfriends raped over a year period. Turned out they had caused everything to happen. Four guys shared a place and one was a fairly shy guy focused on his college education. They (both male and female) endlessly abused him by telling him he was a virgin, he would never get laid, he had no idea what a hot woman's pussy would ever feel like. The woman would grope him, wav their asses in his face- you name it. In the end, not only could he feel these so called hot women's pussies, he felt ALL their girlfriend's. He was the rapist and knowing their schedules raped them all over town.

The rapes and trial were hushed up by the team, so few knew it happened. He received little punishment after the jury heard the abuse he suffered. One of the true insanity defenses out there. 30 years later in a far different city I ran into one of the women who was still trying to get by using her body. Of course she didn't remember me and was increasingly annoying. I finally caught her in front of her buddies and asked her if she had ever heard from the guy (by name and not association) since her cheerleader days. She looked like she was going to shit herself and quickly left. In the room full of power players a half a dozen asked me what the hell I said to her to get her to leave. Fuck em, they can ask her. Guess he was a bigger bastard than all the guys who thought they were so hard assed.
Tim R Revenge April 27, 2021 at 12:14 pm 0
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