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I had started cross dressing in high school. Raised by a single mom with not a lot of home time.
She never noticed my shaved legs or how I increasingly started looking more fem.
At eighteen I started hormone replacement therapy. I already looked extremely feminine. Most men ninety five percent could not tell i was born male. Over half the wemon I met could not tell either.
At twenty two I had a very good and natural looking breast job getting a small C cup.
I'm petite skinny. For being born a male I have wide hips. Flat stomach with a pierced belly button. I have small narrow shoulders deep curves running down my sides. A perky small butt that is thick. My legs are just barley bowed and for a boy small feet size six in wemons. Size four men's youth teen Size I would wear shoes to small until it literally sent me to the doctor. I also would bind my feet I stopped at 17 due to the doctor visit.
My dad new I was Trans and did not bother him one bit he even paid for a few things on my eighteenth birthday. He also gave me the money for my breasts. If my mom knew he paid for it she would hate him even more then the me.
I had gotten the confidence to start just being me. I only dressed as a woman from that time forward. Dresses skirts sexy tops. I even bought a lot of lingerie. I started joining reddit groups showing off my body. I loved the attention.
I had met a coworker and became best friends with her. We would go out clubbing she even went to a few Trans and LGBT clubs with me.
We were the same size and shape. I'm five seven she is five six that's really the only difference in our hape and size.
She we will call her Jane. She let me barrow a sexy halter top baby doll style dress for a date.
I had been extra horny feeling like I could be a total slut. Wanting to be treated like a natural born female woman. But completely dominated by a well hung man.
On my way home I stopped by Jane's to return her dress my date a complete bust.
We will call her husband Brad.
Brad answered the door invited me in.
Brad is a huge crush of mine he is a dreamboat hunk stud. He is older then me so is Jane they are in there late twenties.
He is kinda muscular but not ripped built like an athlete tall six foot one. Manly handsome face short fade hair cut. Soft eyes but chiseled sculpted face squared jaw stud.
We sat and talked about my dud of a date. Work came up but I kept blushing while my heart raced.
I do smoke I have a medical Marijuana card.
I completely wanted his dick and girl talk with Jane he is big.
We smoked a blunt and talked some more. I thought I was tripping but I noticed Brad checking me out. I felt my dick getting thicker but not growing longer. I almost felt like gravity was leaving me.
He got us a sode and spilled some on his white tee shirt. He made me completely horny. His hard pectoral firm chest muscular abs of steel. Muscular line running down his crotch and hips.
He rolled a second blunt getting a text from Jane. She was just getting to the gym and still needs to go to the store.
Uncomfortable for him he asked a few questions about my transition. We talked about it.
Naive it took me a minute to realize he had been flirting with me. Not until he complimented me on my body. Brad told me was curious how natural my body looked.
I was wearing a summer style dress a little short and a little tight. Blue with sunflowers on it. Wanting to turn some heads I put on sky blue thigh high leggings and blue high heels with sunflowers on them.
Brad asked if I could keep a secret. I knew way better in in my soft fem voice I said yes. I watched him pull his jeans off sitting in his boxer shorts. Then the boxer shorts came off as well.
I was awestruck half freaking out half wanting this.
I stud up and let him take off my dress and bra. I was still worried about him and my penis.
His hands ran down my curvy sides pulling me into him.
No hesitation not missing a thing he pulled me in and kissed me very naturally and lovingly. He didn't touch my tits he slid his hands under my panties and started giving me a hand job.
It felt so good.
I been wanting to finger your pussy he said. Eyes wide open jaw dropped moaning a little precum leaking into his hand.
He kept his hand on me working what I've named princess peach my little five inch penis.
Brad pulled my panties off. I'm going to eat your pussy now he said.
I just nodded my head and said okay.
He put me on the couch and spread my legs.
Not expecting it he flicked and licked my goofball sized sack licked up my shaft and by princess peach in his mouth. Calling my tip a clitoris telling me how good my clit tastes. Telling me how juicy and delicious my pussy is. I moaned out im going to cum and then working me harder I came hard.
Brads mouth kept working me. I love when a woman squirts in my mouth he said..
This is what I wanted a man to actually treat me like a women. Talking to me like a women. .
I took his fat huge slab of meat into my hands. I was shaking and shivering two weeks of cum flooding out.
His dick was huge eight or nine inches maybe ten.
I sucked his big white dick stuffing every inch into my mouth and throat. I did not have to encourage him. He dominated me making me suck his dick. I loved his forceful demanding dominant posture. How he made me feel an inch tall in his hands. I let him use and throat me it felt incredibly good. But it was how he talked. I love a younger woman's throat beautiful big pink nipples. I'm going to put a baby in you.
That caught me off guard he was so convincing I almost stopped to tell him I'm not a full woman yet I'm still in transition. But it was so erotic and hot his words are exactly what I wanted.
I went from Daniel to Daisy. From pent up and needing sex to have cumming twice I fingered princess peach while throat fucking Brad.
He came his cum flooding down my throat into my stomach. I did not ejaculate but I felt like I had an orgasm. The whole time he is telling me how sexy I am how badly he wants to cum in my pussy.
He gets down on his knees takes off my high heels and rolls off my leggings. I want to see your sexy toes curl he said.
I nearly melted when he said that. I've always wanted a man to think I have sexy fem feet.
Brad left for a second and came back with a huge black towel and lube.
I was so excited I almost fainted.
He put down the towel put me on my back.
Now he eats my tits my sensitive nipples his fingers in my ass.
He fingered me I was so confused. Then he got down and ate me out. I was frozen moaning and holding my legs open quivering and shaking. It did feel spectacularI did not ejaculate but I came orgasmed more emotionally.
He put lube on two fingers and slid them inside of . My toes curled a arched upward moaning out. He was finger banging my prostate but he called it my gspot. He lubed up his dick. Still finger fucking me kissing my belly button piercing and down to princess peach. My clit in his mouth fingerling my gspot I did cum gushing seamen into his mouth.
Your pussy taste so good he said.
He positioned me into missionary opening my legs kissing up my legs and feet.
He was inside of me one hand on my tits one holding my ankles.
Then my second largest Fantasy happened. He was sucking on my toes telling me how sexy I am.
I ejaculated up my own stomach. I came so hard.
He is making live to me fucking me with that big dick. One arm wrapped up around and under my head. The other on my tits.
He was so good I sound just like a real woman. Moaning out between our kissing . He visited my feet with his hands or mouth several times.
Out of nowhere he choked me with one hand. The other hand on my tits.
He was fucking me deeper and harder.
He slid his hand from my tits down to my stomach were ovaries would be.
My wife told me your Fertile and not on birth control. I moaned out yes yes yes. He started fucking me harder.
I'm going to cum I you. He said.
I opened my legs for him pinching my nipples.
I want you to have my baby he said.
Again it fucked with me but I went with it.
I moaned out yes I want your baby get me pregnant. I started begging him to breed me.
I felt him cum his dick throbbing and flexing in me. His hot sperm gushing into my pussy. He pulled back pressing his hot cum into my gspot now he called it my cervix. I was in love with how he gave it female part names. Kissing me while he finished cumming.
I sat in his lap after and we smoked again. I in very flattering way told him how until that experience I had never felt like I had been treated like a real natural woman.
I got dressed as we smoked. In my leggings and heels. My bra back on with my dress.
Brad grabbed my hips kissed up my neck and ears nibbling and sucking on my earings. I moaned out surprised his huge dick sliding back in me.
It didn't last as long but it was good he again talked about impregnatting me.
I could picture my feet ankles and stomach swelling getting stretch marks feel his baby grow in me. I have no actual idea what it would feel like. But it was making me cum.
As well it was getting him off he came in me then he made me cum with his mouth.
Before I could leave he kissed up my toes feet and high heels. Then up my legs belly over my dress tits and up my neck.
I drove home head swimming.
I just fucked really my only excepting friends husband. I just fucked up I knew it. I was so shameful feeling guilty.
My phone rang on auto pilot wrapped up in my thoughts.
I hear Jane's voice. Your welcome and thank you.
I pulled over at a gas station.
Not mad not angry or hurt.
Her cheerful voice said again.
Your welcome and thank you.
What the fuck I said I'm sorry so sorry I said.
No don't its okay we have girl talk. Both of us share of fantasy.
Sorry I did not feel you in Jane said.
My husband is bisexual and has a major fetish for Tgirls and I have a thing for reclaiming him.
My panic attack was no better at this point.
I just listened as she explained my pussy still full of leaking cum.
Jane can't do anal with brad. She wants me to be her surrogate using my pussy bussy she called it for his anal needs.
I'm so overwhelmed I hang up take two minutes call her back. Explaining my anxiety and panic attack.
We talked.
I went home took a shower and little nap.
I woke up to a text Brad wants to see you again and can I watch.
I didn't even text back I put on my most slutty lingerie and drove straight to there house.
No on normal you can't watch and this would normally be a good fuck you from me. But I needed it and wanted to try Brad one more time

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