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Betrayal of a wife which tried to make amends

Betrayal of a wife which tried to make amends

Our marriage for eight years was by far ideal and loving, and the envy of other couples.

Why I am show the love to another person and letting them go, it broke my heart but it was the right thing to do. With that said anger came into play and one last time in bed was a must.

What turned the marriage trouble conceiving on both of our parts equally.

The most loving words that I have ever heard in my life was from my wife when I came home to tell her the results of fertility test that I took. She cut me off mid stream and said “whatever the results you are about to tell me I love you and we will always be together”.

Going forward after five years of trying to conceive and dealing with her frustration and days of crying and tears that tore me me to pieces and the worst words that I have ever heard... I asked her what percentage of blame do you but on me for not being able to have kids? Her reply..... “It is100% my fault” this was the first time in my life that I said it is time to let her go....she will eventually hate me (even though I offered numerous alternative to have a child).

With that said she did make it easier to part ways the short version.... I caught her cheating and I played it out. She always covered it up by having sex with me mostly because the fertility drugs made her extremely horny.

She was missing in action on a Saturday I knew she was with her boyfriend, most likely she was screwing him al day. She came home wanted to take a shower and I playfully stopped her, I got her in bed to check to see if her pussy was wet above normal. She was still horny so she went along, I slid my hand in her sexy silky string bikini panties that she usually wears when we mess around, but wore to work!

She was very slippery, I wanted more proof, I went to go down on her and she tried to block me, she never says no to oral sex, I slid her panties down she tried to pull them back up and I held her hands playfully and said not a chance I am going to lick your pussy, by the way she always liked when I was the aggressor, and we have role played forced sex resisting me undressing her, which she really got into. I always kept In mind she was my wife and never hurt her in any way it was playful.

She continued to block me saying she wanted to kiss me, I ignored her and my mouth went right on her pussy and I could taste sperm in her pussy, I was pissed but for some reason it turned me on knowing my wife the girl next door was about to have sex with two guys on one day! I had her juices and sperm all over my mouth and half my face and kissed her just like she wanted, just so she could taste the sperm from the guy before and let her know I tasted it to. I was anger and was fucking her hard so she would get the message that I knew, It was far from a loving fuck. I kissed her again and she was at the brink of having another orgasm.... and I said you love being fucked by two guys in one day don’t you! She didn’t reply she just said fuck me harder.

She went on to cheating even after she begged for another chance.

Our last day together after we we split for eight months she was over and asked if we could play one more time.... I said if we do it is my rules, no turning back, and no mercy fuck, that I would treat her like a slut not a wife, and that it would be a revenge fuck. I was honest and could careless if she agreed or declined. She said that she still loved me and understood the rules.

She was handcuffed to the head board with all of her clothes on, as I was stripping her she was wearing sexy lingerie just like she would wear when we were married one piece teddy and thigh highs and tiny little string thong underneath that was crawling up her ass. I stripped her, put nipple clips on her and fucked her with a big dildo to start off. I then blind folded her and put a ball gag in her mouth, I then Inserted a butt plug in her ass which she tried to fight, I then teased her with my cock, and worked the butt plug in even further, she came multiple times I pulled my cock out removed the ball gag and came all over her face pushing my cum in her mouth. She was squirming for more so I fucked her again with a large dildo she was acting like a horny slut, as soon as she came I fucked her again. I then put the ball gag back on her and fucked her again with the dildo. This last for about six hours. I finally let her up and she said that was the most intense sex she ever had.

We never saw each other again.

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Very hot story....I am sorry she betrayed you, I am sure it was hard to let her go. With utmost respect...I am sure the hardest part was watching your loving wife turn it to a slut. I am sure she had her own issues that caused this. From a women’s perspective being dominated as you described is very hot. I enjoy everything that you mentioned and then some.
Anon.. 2 months ago
Was she trying to conceive with another guy and then have the baby you both wanted?
bobby 2 months ago
Hi Bobby,
No I don’t think that was the case. Trying to conceive and not having any successes for years puts a lot of stress on a marriage. She also had some female medical issues, along with a lot of stress at her work which adds to making it difficult to conceive. So with both of us on the lower end it most likely would never happen. So going forward did I make the right decision....when you love some one as much as I loved her sometimes you have to make a sacrifice to really show your love. She wanted to get back with me but deep inside I knew she wanted to have children of her own (she would not consider adoption or use a sperm donor). After we parted I heard she did end up having a couple of children, and I am happy that she did? So yes it was the right thing to do especially when you love someone. Of course I wish she wouldn’t have cheated it broke my heart.

Anon.. 2 months ago
Anon, did you get married o had other relationships after her?
bobby 2 months ago
Thank you for asking it is kind of you.
Yes, I have a great wife, I upgraded, she is trustworthy, and bi with her long time girlfriend. We have experienced a lot sexually. Anywhere from being dominated to watching her with another women, and occasionally me watching her suck a guy off in front of me. It is always agreed upon. She is very open sexually and has taught me not to feel guilty about anything I want to do, and of course if she wants me to do something I will do it for her. For example she had three girls over one time and they were drinking and get frisky and horny women are just as bad as men. My wife whispered to me that they want to see me strip and give them a show. Apparently they I thought I was worthy. I train a lot in the gym and have a decent body’s small waist six back. My wife asked me to get high with them so I wouldn’t be so nervous, which I did get higher than a kite. I put on some tight jeans, boots, tight shirt sexy thong underneath.....I know you are a guy and might not want to know the details and I don’t want to offend you so if asked I will share.
Again thank you for asking I actually feel some relief in confessing some of the things that I talked about.
Take care!

Anon... 2 months ago
Really hot story it must have been hard to let her go when you truly loved her? I suspect the revenge sex was a way for you to turn off the love you had for her. I thought the ball gag was a bit to much but I found myself thinking about it a fingered myself!
Lysa 1 month ago
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