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A slippery slope

A slippery slope

Both me and my best friend are professional photographers. While I focused more on commercial work, he handled families and private clients. That included boudoir photos for wives.He asked if my wife would do a session to build his very thin portfolio.

He said it would be tasteful with no nudity involved. But that it would require her to be in lingerie. What I thought was going to be a silk nightly or sexy sleep shirt was more like a lacy bra and panties set.

My wife is 5‘8“, 120-ish pounds with a naturally slender figure, and dirty blond hair to her shoulders. She’s got these light hazel eyes that shine in photos. She wears a 36b bra and has very perky tits for 28 years old.

She stays very toned as a result of all the yoga she does throughout the week.

I was uncomfortable with what he wanted but she seemed up for it if all he needed was her in her underwear and bra. She finally chose to wear white lacy, hip hugger panties and a matching strapless, white lace demi bra.

On the day of the shoot, he finished setting up the lighting and brought an assistant to hold a reflective silver diffuser to even out the light. At first she was a little hesitant because we both thought it was only him that would see her half naked.

She looked fantastic even though she giggled and felt silly trying to be sexy. After some test shots in her silk robe, she finally was feeling comfortable enough to pose and be in character.

She took direction well like pushing up her breasts to make them look more full. Or if you would slide her thumbs down the sides of her panties to give illusion they were coming off.

After about 20 minutes, she was suggesting poses herself like being topless and facing away from the camera, but looking over her shoulder. She started off by asking that we turn around when she takes her bra off and get into her pose, but my friend asked if she wanted more braless photos

He finally just asked how she felt going full topless. She looked at me initially but I told her it was her decision. He promised it wouldn’t be crude and she could refuse any pose she wanted.

The first one she did was her silk robe open and her tits in full view while still in her panties. She had become a different person staring right at the camera. In another, she laid on her back in our bed with her head all the way back and her breasts pointing straight up. Her favorite was the one of her standing by the window looking to her left right in the camera while wearing nothing but her panties. Her look was so empowering as she didn’t even seem to mind that we were all seeing her topless.

We asked her if she needed anything and she said she wanted to keep going. She was having a great time and she said she felt like a completely different person.

At one point, she whispered in my ear and she was so turned on I was so glad that she did it.

It was her that said she wanted to go entirely nude. We didn’t even turn around as she slid off her underwear and flipped it into the corner of the room.

No I was getting hard just thinking how different she was.

She had completely shaved and her pussy was clearly seen. There were some of her laying down and others of her looking at her reflection in the full length mirror we have.

After almost 2 hours, she was comfortable enough to not want her robe and be naked in front of the three of us. I could tell all of us we’re hard at this point and I was secretly happy when the assistant asked if she had ever done adult photos before.

She made us promise that we would never tell anyone and that all those slutty photos would be seen by only me and her.

She started doing naked yoga poses, spreading her legs and touching herself. I was about to burst just like I’m sure the rest of them were.

My friend told her if she wanted to take it to the next level, she would have to masturbate or have sex and have it filmed. He knew a producer from his younger years that dabbled in that sort of project.

He said her scenes would be with other guys and possibly girls. She said she could never cheat, but if we both agreed to have her do it and they would pay her, it might be a possibility.

She’s asked me if we should consider reaching out to the guy because it made her feel so strong. She told my friend she would do another boudoir
Shoot and she would be open to more daring outfits. She figured if they have already seen her completely naked, then a thong and see through lingerie would be ok.

I never knew that she felt the way she did about her body and that she would be open to this type of experimenting. But now I wonder.

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