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A loving memory

A loving memory

I lost my dear friend Beth to breast cancer recently. We had been best buddies since middle school. She was a true friend.
This is a memory of our teen years. We went to a party and had way to much to drink. We asked a guy to give us a ride home. We piled into his pick up and got about two blocks when Beth said Oh Shit and proceeded to projectile vomit all over the dash board and all three of us. He cussed a blue streak and pulled over. We got out and used what ever we could find to clean things up. He took us home and came in to clean up. Beth was feeling better by then and we stripped down and got in the shower together( all three of us) it was pretty crowded and hard to rinse off. When we got out Beth said “I should at least fuck you for puking all over you “. I said what about me. She said you to shit head. We had our first threesome that night. God bless you Beth I love you.
Kit Funny July 22, 2020 at 11:57 am 0
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How old was Beth when she passed? RIP
jim 2 months ago
Sadly Beth passed away four days after her 44th Birthday.
Kit 2 months ago
Do you still do threesomes???
John 2 months ago
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ruetless 2 months ago
WTF ??????
Jackson 2 months ago
I am not doing that. Happily married and a mom with two boys now.
Kit 2 months ago
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