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Wifes gay friend

Wifes gay friend

I am married to a fantastic woman and mother to my 2 grown up children, over the past year she has become very friendly with a co worker who is also married and gay, they work in the same office and talk about all manner of subjects. A month or so ago she told me that Luke had asked her if she would help him and his husband out. apparently they both have this fantasy to be domineered by a woman, they would be no sexual contact with the woman but they did want her to actively control them whilst they had sex.

At first I thought NO, I did not want my wife in the same room as these two men as they played out their sexual game, Kim assured me that nothing would happen as she was not attracted to either of them and they had no interest in her. I reluctantly agreed as long as nothing happened between them and she told me everything when she came home.

last weekend she had planned to go to theirs on Saturday evening, I came home just in time to see her leave, I was shocked at what she was wearing, she was dressed totally in black, skin tight jeggings black bra sheer top, I asked if she had any knickers on as I couldn't see any vpl. she showed me the waist band of her thong, when she added the knee length black boots I got seriously aroused. she left the house and was gone for almost four hours.

when she returned she was totally washed out, she looked liked she had been royally fucked. she promised me that they never really touched her, but did admit that they got her to wear a strapon and she forced them to suck her off. she says the only part of her they touched was her arse as she forced the phallus down their throat.

I trust her totally but when she stripped for the shower I noticed that her thong was on inside out and that her bra label was sticking out, knowing my wife as I do she always ask me to check that her label is tucked in as it is one of her pet hates and annoys her. I could tell that her shaved pussy was raw, but she assured me that it was the leather strap from the strapon harness.

We had sex that night, certainly not love making as she was so aggressive and her had kept wandering to my butt crack, it was after we finished that she said that they want her to do something similar again only this time they want her to penetrate them both with the strapon. I am unsure I want to let her do it, but she says that I can even go and wait in another room at their home if I want.
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You should tell your wife you want her to fuck you with her strapon too:-)
Kaching 1 month ago
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