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[1871] Step Daughter

I met her mother at work. we were just friends at first she told me she had 3 kids 2 girls and a boy. I wasn't to thrilled to hear that because I had already raised my kids and didn't care to raise more. But then she to me home and introduced me to her kids and didn't want any part of it. However the more I hung around the closer I got with her and her children especially the youngest girl. She was a rough looking tomboy type but she was kind to me. I guess I fell in love with their mother and we eventuailly got married. Soon after the wedding she flip flopped on me and became mean and evil. I could not believe how she had changed.

My wife enrolled in school and worked full time and never was home. During this time my step daughter and I talked alot and just became very close. She got to where she would never leave my side. She followed me everywhere. I loved her like she was my own.

She has become a beautiful teenager now. Very very shapely to say the least. She is a far cry from the little tom boy I helped raise. She started walking around the house with only a towel on after taking a shower. She really makes me feel aroused. I try and keep myself from thinking like this but she is just too much. She loves to wrestle me so she can spread her legs and press her clit on my back or any where she can get pressure. I realized what she was doing and stopped wrestling around with her.

I think I miss the attention from her because I think I a falling in love with my step daughter. How could I let this happen. I can't get her out of my head. I don't want to be in love with her but I am. I guess it's easy when my wife pays no attention to me. No sex, no hug, no nothing. But my step daughter, she hugs me everyday and I feel so much love coming from her. She trust me with her every secret and I trust her also. She is my friend when I am lonely. I know nothing will ever come of this because I am quite older than she plus I am married to her mother, whom she can't bare to be around when I'm not home. I know she told me so.

I need help getting her out of my mind. I love her more than I have ever loved anyone and I'm scared. I am not attracted to 14 year old girls at all. It's just her. I can't imagine feeling this way about anybody else. Please somebody help me get over her.

Posted 4 years ago

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  • You need to get help asap, that is not normal to be attached to a 14 yr old girl. If you really love this girl you would go get help before something happens between you and her. She may like the attention from you, if you do anything sexual with this girl you will ruin the rest of her life. Please get help immediately! Don't ruin this girls life because you don't know how to control yourself, or you are to selfish to get help before you hurt her.
    Posted 4 years ago
  • I would never hurt her. Never ever. I love her. If you love someone you wouldn't be selfish and forget about the conequences of such a think. I had plenty of chances because she literally tried to give herself to me. But I resisted and ended the onslaught of sexual advances she has made. I new that in her mind she just wanted to do it then. But she would regret it after she has grown up. Now simce I rejected her she thinls she is in love with a girl. Now that is something as a step dad that I totally hate. She thinks guys are not attracted to her. I hate lesbian activity. Especially if it my step daughter. I want her to stop searching for love in all the wrong places. I must talk to her and soon.
    Posted 4 years ago
  • You do need to get yourself some help. Stay away from your stepdaughter before you try something with her. You may need attention from a woman, you DON'T need attention from a 14 yr old girl, you need to get away from her altogether. Don't ruin this girls life because you don't know how to control yourself. When I was younger older man couldn't control himself and because of him the rest of my life will never be the same. Please for her sake GET HELP!!
    Posted 3 years ago
  • Ok, now, I really think it's not normal. But wow, I love your story, even if it was posted 2 years ago, I really love my step-brother and we are deeply in love, and we are thinking of running away someday. The fact that your wife don't pay atenttion to you, it makes the story have more sense. I'll love to hear what happened after this. Bye, good luck.

    -A step-daughter
    Posted 1 year ago
  • Ok, now, I really think it's not normal. But wow, I love your story, even if it was posted 2 years ago, I really love my step-brother and we are deeply in love, and we are thinking of running away someday. The fact that your wife don't pay atenttion to you, it makes the story have more sense. I'll love to hear what happened after this. Bye, good luck.

    -A step-daughter
    Posted 1 year ago
  • Ok, now, I really think it's not normal. But wow, I love your story, even if it was posted 2 years ago, I really love my step-brother and we are deeply in love, and we are thinking of running away someday. The fact that your wife don't pay atenttion to you, it makes the story have more sense. I'll love to hear what happened after this. Bye, good luck.

    -A step-daughter
    Posted 1 year ago
  • All older men say like that 'It's just her, I'm not attracted to 14-year-olds, blah blah blah. Since your wife doesn't cater to you emotionally and physically you turned to your stepdaughter. You're attracted only to her because she the only teen girl living with you. If it wasn't her, it would have been someone else.
    You badmouthe her mother, encourage her inappropriate clothing and behaviour and her anger for her mother.
    While her mother was away you overstepped the boundaries and she behaved inappropriately because she is confused and messed up. Instead of crying on her shoulder you should have been a strong husband and stepfather, but you're obsessed with your own needs.
    This girl needs a parent's love and support, and some not old needy man aka pseudofather. She needs to date and discover herself with someone adequate and age-appropriate. I'm glad that you're quite older otherwise you would misconcept her and take her opportunity to date and marry someone else.
    Older men must stop exploiting young girls.

    Posted 1 year ago
  • She needs a mother's and father's love and support.
    Posted 1 year ago
  • I had an unofficial stepdaughter at home who was already of legal age and a similar situation developed. Unfortunately I did not wisely set boundaries and allowed her to rub me when she asked if she could and at a later stage I did oral sex on her. We also hugged and kissed a lot. Then our feelings of guilt took over and we stopped the affair although we remained very close and still have very warm feelings for each other. Now many years later having gone through therapy for the effect of emotional neglect and childhood abuse by my mum I came to realize that basically my stepdaughter and I were re-enacting my own abuse. We have talked about it a lot and things are fine between us but it does have a negative effect on her marriage as she still struggles to be emotionally close with her husband as a result of our inappropriate relationship.
    Posted 11 months ago
  • It happens fairly often, many girls at some point during their teen years develop a crush on their father. Since a "step" isn't blood relation, that crush isn't kept in check and its not necessarily the step-dad's fault. Just a normal progression from admiration. It is said that most women marry someone who, in their eyes, greatly reflects the the good they see in their father. The knee jerk reaction is obviously to stop her advances and turn the girl away (the rejection of course could devastate her esteem). There is another downside to rejecting her. Many of these girls will simply turn their attention to a different (possibly dangerous) older man. Also because of the step-dad's rejection she may keep it hidden till it is too late.
    The OP is obviously not some pedophile sexual predator otherwise he wouldn't be asking how to get her off his mind. So spitting out aggressive comments because of your own unresolved baggage is inappropriate.
    My advice to others in this situation is use the law for a barrier as to "why not". Hold her at bay till she has a chance to exhibit further behaviors, either a more normal sexual attraction to people near her age or older men. Keep the lines of communication and closeness open. Don't interfere or guide her away from dating people her own age, encourage it.
    WAIT until she is legal.If she shows no interest in guys her age and you really are in love with her go for it.
    Posted 11 months ago
  • I to love my stepdaughter with all my heart . And she loves me she's a great girl .shes 30 n I'm 45 she's also so beautiful . She doesn't talk to her mum .my wife and she lives alone I love da c her every day have to sneak da c her . I love her more than my wife . We do gaze into each others eyes . And we do hug but that's it and that's all it ever was or will b .
    Posted 9 months ago
  • She was in love with me the minute I was introduced to her and her sisters. It was instant. She was 14. Shed come on to me with the urge to have sex dozens of times. She loved hugging me. She'd always press herself against my rod in a longer than normal hug. I was twenty eight at the time. We kissed when she was fifteen, it was delicious. I mentioned to her that it was normal to have a crush. I told her I was flattered and there was nothing I wanted more than to make love to her. If it wasn't for her age I would immediately pursue, even though I loved her mom. I told her if she still had those feelings for me after she was eighteen, and could accept me as a step father, I would be hers. I knew those feelings would be gone by her 18th birthday. The feelings weren't gone. I don't live with them anymore but I am real close with them. Im still with her mother but we don't live together. Now my stepdaughter is 23, married and has two kids. She came to visit me at home about eight months ago. When I opened the door and let her in she kissed me so good it was like making love. She asked if her age was old enough now. I couldn't resist. We made passionate love. We have made love many times in these last eight months. She doesn't want to leave her husband and I don't want to leave her mother. I hope we are together forever even if it means a secret life. I've never made love like this before. She is so beautiful. The young soft skin makes me cum so fast and she enjoys it much too. It's an incredible story. I get chills remembering and wonder everyday if today is my lucky day. I hate the laws that govern us. She had sex when she was seventeen, got pregnant after doing so, because she was eager to make love to me. I could have prevented her from getting pregnant and made much better love to her. It boggles my mind why the laws aren't changed. Real love making for these horny teen girls is not being enjoyed because it's a law. Meanwhile, these girls are getting pregnant by irresponsible careless inexperienced little boys. I feel bad for the lady teachers that have gotten arrested lately for having sex with 16 yr. olds. We are not the only ones with fantasies. Older women have them as well. There is no age for love.
    Posted 9 months ago
  • For the above comment - Now that she is 23 you can marry her. But I guess you dont divorce because you don't wanna raise your stepdaughter's kids she knows it and is not leaving her husband either. You might be sexually compatible but there is no true love between you.
    Posted 9 months ago
  • If she was ugly you would not think of her sexually.
    Posted 9 months ago
  • Your wife is taking negativity from her previous relationships out on you. It's a common mistake among people. Sort things out with her, ask her why she is cold towards you. You can both go to counselling. As for your stepdaughter you can change the situation by acting in a more fatherly manner. Teen girls often act provocatively and test their charms on men or sleep with stepfathers to get revenge on their mothers.Keep the kid out of your bed... If you break that trust there is telling what it could do to her and your wife. They will both be betrayed and you can get charged with a statutory rape.
    Posted 9 months ago
  • Is her real father estranged or present in her life? Both parents' roles are crucial during teenage years. Also is she close with her siblings? I think SHE IS A LONELY TEENAGER. Her father left, her mother is neglecting her. SHE OBVIOUSLY DOES NOT HAVE A BOYFRIEND and maybe does not have any friends either. And so you do. You spend most of your time together. That's why she is exposing herself to you. That's unhealthy environment to grow up in. Both of you need to go out more and socialize with other people. It happened because you did not work on marriage and did not divorce either and now you are directing your emotions and sexual urges to someone who is available. You'll always think you love her more than you have loved anyone in your life she is much younger, beautiful (you obviously pay attention to a girl's looks)and she is nice to you unlike others. But she does so because she is your stepchild and children love unconditionally. So your feelings for her are precarious. I hope you are a sensible man and won't get her to compensate you what your wife lacks. She is your stepdaughter first and can be a friend second but NOT YOUR WIFE. She is living in a dysfunctional family where people forgot their roles, duties and responsibilities. If you really care about her be a father to her.
    Posted 8 months ago
  • If you love her and want to protect her, than you will do nothing. It will only cause her problems. If you decide to pursue it, than you are one selfish bastard. Even if she thinks she feels the same way. Most young girls(under25)can't distinguish different feelings of love and it will only screw her up. BE A MAN AND TAKE THE PAIN!!, of leaving it alone.
    Posted 7 months ago
  • Hello! I'm Delaney and I am a casting producer at Renegade83 and we are starting a reality tv show called Secret Romance and we are very interested in your story! No obligations for being on the show, we would just love to hear more about your situation as a possibility. If you could contact us at our office number and/or email that would be great. Phone number/Email: (818) 480-3112 & secretromancecast@gmail
    Posted 3 months ago
  • Living a similar situation. She is 15 years old now and she keeps trying every now and then but much less then before. I am not attracted to her but my main problem is the constant sexual tension she brings.

    I am pretty young (28 yo) and my girlfriend (her mother) is 37. Sex isn't always frequent and well having someone constantly bombarding you with sexual advances is tiring. I get sexually frustrated and then this girl tries to move in on it. She would lay on my back and push her pelvis area on me trying to put pressure on her genitalia. I usually get up and get something to drink when this happens or tell her to get off me.

    I have talked to her mother about this to protect myself before I went and rejected her formally. When I spoke to this young teen about not sitting on me anymore and climbing all over me things got somewhat cold and distant between us for a few weeks. Which is fine, I was just happy to get her off my case.

    As time progressed she would get bold again and try but I would get quiet and stop talking to her for a while. She knew what she was doing was wrong and would back off temporarily. She recently has had a boyfriend and while this was going on she left me alone. These boyfriends never last very long (1-3 weeks) and then she comes back trying again.

    She would try to wrestle me and would say the weirdest shit like "I fucking want you" and this one time she told me to make love to her (all this after the talk about things being inappropriate).

    Like most men, I have always had a very active sex drive and what complicates this is having a young woman constantly trying to tap in on that. I am not attracted to young girls, I love slightly older woman to be honest as they are more mature and independent. I find my girlfriend super sexy but the big drops in sex at times and this constant sexual bombardment by her child makes your mind wander unwillingly, it reaches you at a primal level even if you don't want it to. When you have not had any sexual attention from your girlfriend for a few weeks to sometimes a month and find yourself horny and this overflowing, over sexual hormonal teen comes out and tries knocking on your door every day or couple of days, things get tense and annoying at the same time. I have also caught my step daughter listening in on my sexual relationships with her mother (I informed my girlfriend of this).

    Anyways, I have recently applied with the military and I hope to god to get a job. It is not to escape, I really do want to join but the distance we will have to go through might sort things out since I will be away for a good year or two before we could reunite.

    I thought about leaving but love my current girlfriend very much and do not want to end it on such stupid shit. Regardless of these advances, I love my step daughter very much and only want her to succeed in life. Her mother and I brought her back from being a below average student to above average. She works hard now and has goals in life. I want her to find a nice boyfriend that has his shit together and to pursue a good education. The sooner she leaves the household the better but I want to send her out there with all the tools required to succeed.

    My advice is NEVER act on her advances, get up and leave. If you confront her with it directly who knows how she will react. She might straight up hate you, try to tell her mother you abused her, it might actually work or who knows what else. For the small things I react passively, usually getting up and leaving the room and finding something else to do. For the more important advances (like her mounting me, touching me "accidentally", or out of place comments) I will usually tell her she is on my crotch and to get the fuck off, or ask her what the fuck is wrong with her (in which she usually responds with "lots of things") or simply push her off and tell her that I ain't her fucking boyfriend.

    You would think she would get the point but she usually laughs cause she enjoys the resistance. After resisting her for so long she usually leaves and "goes to bed" regardless of time and well... we all know what's going on at this point. Disturbing to say the least.

    Most of these idiots commenting that you are not a man and are horrible to think this way have clearly not gone through this. I would never want to have sexual relations with my step daughter but I understand that dark side of the mind that slips up. It reaches you at an instinctive level and that is not always the easiest of things to control.

    Just don't act upon it, if the fact that it would hurt or possibly screw up your step daughters future love relationships with men isn't enough to stop you, just think about what would happen if she yells rape. The law will have a field day on your ass and that couple minutes of pleasure will cost you your entire life.

    Best of luck, I know it is not easy.
    Posted 3 months ago
  • Also forgot to mention, talk to your girlfriend/wife about it. Get rid of these feelings you think you have for her. This teenager is only giving you the (sexual) attention you wish you had from your wife. That is what is confusing you. Us men often confuse sex with love. You should think about leaving your wife since you don't sound happy with your wife and I think this will only harm you mentally more and leave room for that awful mistake. I can't say our situation is the same but I can relate. Do not make the mistake of sleeping with your step daughter... its statutory rape or incest depending on how long you were present in her life (or both). Control yourself, sit down a minute and just realize that all this is just your own sexual needs trying to get you into trouble. A man's dick is always willing to fuck and sometimes it is very hard to control but you need to be the adult in this situation.
    Posted 3 months ago
  • t is normal, my stepdaughter grew up the same all touchy feely and in to her teens walking around in just a long T shirt, no bra or knickers.
    i could see everything and she knew it, her mother used to tel her off and stop it, she did while she was around but carried on when her mother at work.
    she used to come down in the T shirt and sit opposite me on a chair slowly opening her legs flashing me her puss. and with her nipples all errect.
    one day i was upstairs just going to my bedroom and i heard a moaning so went to investigate, opened up her door and she was laid naked on the bed with her eyes closed listening to her iPod and fingering herself.
    i quickly closed the door and left her to it before she saw me.
    i stood and listened to her playing away, i did get turned on i have to say and got my c#ck out and had a bit of a w@nk. she went silent so i went off quickly.
    i never did anything with her but every time she would flash me i did get a hard on after that, and she knew what she was doing.
    same thing as you playfighting and her rubbing her self up against me sexually and grabbing my bulge in my pants.
    and walking in bathroom when am in the shower, she would take a pee and sit watching and talking to me.
    Posted 2 months ago
  • dont know what to do. my stepdaughter is 17. we get on really well and i love her mother very much. but recently i found myself in the position of bein very attracted to my stepdaughter. i have brought her up since she was 6, she has filled out into a beautiful young woman. cant get her out of my mind, help!!!!!!!
    Posted 2 months ago

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