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[1007] Cheating with my Brother In Law

I met my brother in law at a hotel and we couldn't get naked fast enough. He has totally hot buff arms and I love it when he grabs me forcefully and kisses me. I love having his tongue in my pussy. I imagine us with another girl and it turns me on so much. I see him almost every day with his family and I get so wet thinking about us together.

Posted 5 years ago

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  • If this is your husband's brother, you are a skank. If it is your sister's huband you are the shit scraped off the skank's shoe.
    Posted 5 years ago
  • It is my Husband's sister's husband and he is an amazing lover.
    Posted 5 years ago
  • I have been in a similar situation with my Brother-inlaw but,he was not married, I was. my husband was (married to his job)and knew I was attracted to him and did not care! Granted,it was immoral to say the least however,my brotherinlaw remains one of the sexiest men I know and even though he is married now-I am not the one.You need to stop and consider who u will hurt-it is not a matter of if you get found out,but when.(I definately dont agree with the other female aspect of this) but,my brother inlaw STILL comes on to me and I have more self_-respect ,I refuse to be any mans "backdoor Jane" in other words, you r basically running out the backdoor as it were when your sneaking to a hotel to get your jollies-who do you think will pay the price for this-Iknow,the kids will.Wise up and leave it and him in the dark.
    Posted 5 years ago
  • ty last post and also the man pays to because you destroy his confidence, drive, and makes him insecure, and destroys his pride and to a guy being insecure WITH NO devestating... being that our pride to us means ALOT not that it does not to women but its even more intense for guys..and also being that your the one cheating you dont have to worry about pride cause you obviously dont have any
    Posted 5 years ago
  • Sadly enough the best sex I ever had was with my brother-in-law! But at the same time it was the worst thing I have ever done and I will regret it for the rest of my life! It's sick, but I'm still in a way glad we shared that moment together.
    Posted 2 years ago
  • I have been sleeping with my brother in law for 2 years. I will make no excuses because I/we find ourselves attracted to each other. My husband suspects something bit is nit sure. My brother in laws wife has no clue. we all all are very involved with each others family because the brothers are close. Im not emotionally attached to him I love my husband but my husband is not there for me.
    Posted 1 year ago
  • Ive been fucking with my sister in law for 3 years now..My brother is a handicap n he could not satisfy her so she comes to me to fuck..we fucked so many times in the same house when my brother was asleep or in shower or watching was fun.
    Posted 10 months ago
  • My sister-in-law and I are really attracted to each other as well. Although we haven't acted on our feelings, she has tried to make sure I know she's mine anytime I want her. Her husband can't get it up anymore, so she's horny and wants me. To add to my dilemma, my wife's sex drive is in decline, so I need more attention than I'm getting.

    With all of this urging me to act, I can't stop thinking about my sister-in-law. I don't want to hurt anyone, especially my wife, sister-in-law, or brother-in-law.

    She's a beautiful woman and I can't stop fantasizing about her. I even went as far as telling my wife that her sister wants me. The shock was when my wife responded that she didn't mind sharing.

    I don't know if they talk about it, but it hasn't impacted my wife and sister-in-laws relationship one bit. Every time we see each other, she hugs me and I just want to rip her clothes off.

    I've lived up to my moral and financial obligations for over 20 years. So I feel like I need to do this for the pure sexual thrill and to feel alive again. But I'm struggling with my conscience and the possibility that
    it could all blow up in my face. But what a great problem to have.
    Posted 9 months ago
  • The best sex I ever had was with my brother-in-law. My husband was an ass and his sister was the same! It gave us a lot to talk about. It helped end our crappy marriage! It's been over 10 years and I still think about the great sex we had! He was huge down there, but it did not take him long to figure out that hitting my cervex was really uncomfortable! I really miss how easily he broke the woman in me. One time he made me o 3 times in 1session. Best part was, he could cum 2 to 3 times and stay hard! Amazing! That's probably why his wife hasn't left him. Lucky bitch!
    Posted 7 months ago
  • Just have the more sex you can with whoever respects you. More sex is more peace to the world!!
    Posted 7 months ago
  • I hate to admit it but, by far, the best sex I ever had was with my sister-in-law. Maybe because it was so wrong, yet felt so right. I'll never forget her tight little pussy and firm little body. It's been years and we do not talk because I know I could not resist her.
    Posted 4 months ago
  • I have been doing sex with my b' in law for past ten years . I am spinster and I am 46 now. But still I come to heat when I meet him . May be his wife is aware of this , but never brought the issue to me or to her husband thinking the sex need for her elder sister. I also had sex with one of my male friends, but my b' in law is fantastic. He made me wear many wary lingerie , those he bought for fiery and wild sex with me. many a times we remain engages for hours with absolute minimum movements and to the end he thrashes me making me almost faint as I approach my climax with some huge yelling. Last week also we had the same sex and my made servant warned me not make those loud cries , but I cant help. Wish I continue to get such pleasure from him long and longer without harming my sister.
    Posted 4 months ago
  • It's been a long time but I still get wet thinking about the time we spent together. I was married to his wife's older brother at the time and he was an ass with a little pecker. I'm remarried now but given the opportunity, I would hit that again and again given the opportunity!
    Posted 3 months ago
    Posted 2 weeks ago
    Posted 2 weeks ago
  • I want my sister in law to fuck me. I get so hard watching her walk around. I feel like just pulling my cock out and fucking her. I know she wants it to. Any chance she gets to touch my cock she takes. I dont say anything but by the look she gives me i know she likes what she grabs
    Posted 2 weeks ago

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